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Trusted Client Guidance For Probate, Interpretation And Passing Of Accounts

Disputes often arise following the passing of a family member. Beneficiaries to an estate or trust will seek guidance from the court on several important issues.

If you are involved in a will or trust dispute, the lawyers at Vancouver’s McLellan Herbert, Barristers & Solicitors can help you take appropriate legal steps to protect your interests. The firm represents clients throughout the Vancouver area, the North Shore, the Lower Mainland, the Fraser Valley and British Columbia.

Sound Advice For Wills Or Trust Disputes

There are three principal areas in which a court might be asked to deal with a will or trust:

  • Probate: This is the process by which a court declares a will valid or appoints a person to be the administrator of an estate where there is no will.
  • Passing of accounts: This is the process where an estate executor, administrator or trustee will present a full accounting of the assets of the estate, including fees and disbursements. The lawyers at McLellan Herbert can petition the court on the interpretation of a will or a trust or possibly collapsing of the trust. It may also be possible to fix problems with homemade wills.
  • Trust or will interpretation: This is when a court is asked to advise on the proper interpretation of a will or trust. The lawyers at McLellan Herbert can petition the court on the interpretation of a will or a trust, including the collapsing of the trust and fixing problems with homemade wills.

Hugh S. McLellan, Deidre J. Herbert and J. Jeffrey Locke are well-respected estate litigation and probate lawyers in Vancouver who bring their knowledge to benefit their clients. If you are uncertain about the proper interpretation of a testamentary document or wish to challenge the actions of an estate administrator, the lawyers at McLellan Herbert can advise and represent you.

Providing Experienced Representation In Court

Court proceedings involving wills, from probate to passing of accounts, require skilled and experienced counsel. The lawyers at McLellan Herbert, Barristers & Solicitors have decades of experience, enabling them to deal with these matters in a highly skilled and professional manner.

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