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New Normal? – COVID & the Impact on a Wills & Estates Practice

The pandemic that we currently face has triggered drastic changes in the ways in which we live, the ways in which we work, and the ways in which we interact with the world around us. As we continue to adjust to our “new normal” during COVID19, we have all had to make changes, and we have had to do so rapidly. The ways in which we normally operate have no longer been feasible, and we have had to adjust, on what seems like on a daily basis, to procedures that keep ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities safe.

The legal profession is not exempt from making modifications during these unprecedented times. In British Columbia, there have been significant changes in the way we practice law, and these changes have been swiftly changing as time goes on.

McLellan Herbert will be posting a blog series with information and resources pertaining to practice changes in the legal profession in light of COVID-19. We have consolidated information, links, and notices from various sources. The following practice areas will each be covered in separate blog posts in the series:

  1. General Practice
  2. Estate Litigation & Elder Law Litigation
  3. Estate Administration
  4. Estate Planning

Stay tuned for our first post in this series, which covers client identification and verification, use of video technology, the suspension period of our courts in British Columbia, and more.