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Are your parents' debts your responsibility?

Your parents may be carrying a hefty debt load. It may get to the stage where they're having trouble even meeting minimum payments. Although you may feel bad, you're probably wondering if you're in any way responsible for making those payments for them.

In short, the legal responsibility in British Columbia is not yours. However, there are some instances where this issue could get a little cloudy. When it gets dicey is when you might have signed for any debt incurred, even if the purchase wasn't for you and you didn't directly benefit from it.

Challenging disinheritance: What you need to know

Being cut out of your loved one's will may not only be shocking to you, but also unsettling and upsetting as well. Disinheritance may bring up a well of emotions and many questions, but once you have allowed yourself to feel those emotions, there may be some things you can do when querying the situation.

First, you're likely to find out that there is not just one type of disinheritance. When someone disinherits you directly from his or her estate, it's called exactly that -- direct disinheritance. In this case, the will excludes you totally. On the other hand, indirect inheritance is not getting your fair share of the deceased person's assets as set out in his or her will. In fact, it could mean that unrelated people may be receiving more than you are.